For everything you do, there's a green choice that's good for you and the environment  

About Us
        GreenChoices was created and is operated by a group of people who realized that, in the words of a famous amphibian, "it's not easy being green".   Survey after survey shows that a vast majority of people want to live their lives in an environmentally friendly manner - and if you are reading this you are certainly one of those people.  You want to make sure that you are doing your part to stop global warming and to preserve endangered species.  You want to preserve our natural resources by practicing energy conservation or using renewable resources like solar and wind.  In your household, you want to use products that were grown or made in an environmentally responsible manner and which when you use them, make your home and body healthy and safe.

          The challenge for those of us in the "green majority" is finding the products, services and information that will allow us to easily integrate a green lifestyle into our daily lives.  That is what GreenChoices is all about.  We want to help you easily find environmentally friendly alternatives to all the things you do.

          As you can see, GreenChoices is not a merchant of products or services.   We also do not endorse nor certify the claims made by merchants that are displayed on GreenChoices although we strive to make sure that any that are featured meet any standards or certification processes that may exist in their particular green niche (e.g. the green-e certification program that exists for green power).

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