For everything you do, there's a green choice that's good for you and the environment  

Organic Gardening
BIOZOME (The Natural Plant Feeder) ~ Natural micro-organisms~helps composting!
CHELSEA GREEN PUBLISHING COMPANY ~ Books for natural gardeners.
CLOGWORLD ~ Gardening clogs and more!
FERTILE GARDEN SUPPLY ~ Natural and organic horticultural products.
D&P INDUSTRIES, INC. ~ Composters, Rain Barrel, Yard and Gardening related items.
EARTHNWARE.COM ~ Top of the line composting equipment and organic gardening supplies.
GREEN FIELD PAPER COMPANY ~ Grow-A-Note Cards to send a garden to a friend.
JENKINS PUBLISHING ~ Organic gardening books.
LIQUID FENCE ~ Biodegradable animal repellent to stop animals destroying landscape
DR. RICKETTS NUTRITIONALS ~  Earth Force for soil replenishment.
MOSQUITO BARRIER ~ Keeps mosquitos off your yard for 2/4 weeks with just one spraying.No chemicals, poison or odor.

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